One of the best ways you can become a stronger Sales Professional is to constantly develop your worldview, and the easiest way to expand your worldview is to consume books!

Each month I will give you a review of a book I feel is great to add to your library. Some may be best sellers, hot off the press. Many will be books that have lasted beyond the fad of the year! More importantly, I want you to share your opinions on the books showcased and reach out with suggestions for review.

The first book we’re going to review is entitled “Once Upon a Car”, written by Bill Vlasic, first published in 2011. As a reporter for the Detroit Free Press and then the New York Times, Vlasic had front row seats and a backstage pass to document both the slow, painful slide of America’s Big Three automakers – GM, Ford and Chrysler – from 2005 into the depths of the Great Recession and their difficult, uncertain, seven-year recovery.


It’s a story of hubris, audacity, fear, resolve and resilience. The three automating giants shared clients, competition and business environment. For a while, they even utilized common labor strategies and union negotiation practices.

The value of the book begins to become evident as Vlasic explains the speed with which the companies recognized the true extent of their individual problems and how they each went about addressing them.

While there were many, many actors in this saga, the standout character, however, was Bob Lutz, the sales guru of General Motors. After spending years in all phases of the auto industry, working for companies like BMW and Chrysler under Lee Iacocca, Bob Lutz understood that to grow as a company, connecting with and catering to the client is paramount.

While the big three were feasting on pick-up trucks and larger and larger SUVs, Lutz was screaming into the wind his belief in the virtues of the smaller, more efficient platforms. He would eventually become the number one backer of the project that would eventually become the Chevy Volt.

This non-fiction, historical drama is as exciting to read as anything on the New York Times best-selling thriller list! Whether you get a print copy, download it as an e-book or listen to the audiobook version, do yourself a favor and enjoy this book this week!

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