Basketball, like sales, is full of individual statistics that are used to determine the value of each player on the team. We all know and covet the flashy stats: Points, Assists, Rebounds, Steals. And for the most part, those are statistics we can train to improve.

Want better free throw stats? Commit to 100 shots before and 100 more after every practice. Want more assists? Study the playbook and work to build trust that the pass will be there! Want more sales? Call the prospects in your CRM… you get the idea!

There is one statistic that shows up only in pivotal times in critical games by special players. The official basketball stat is the “player control foul”. Coaches and players call it Taking a Charge.

What makes this such an important and exciting play is that it is done by a player who doesn’t have the ball! The player needs to sacrifice his/her body by inviting a high-speed collision with another player. When done properly, it can change the momentum of a game. When done incorrectly, it can end in pain, bench time and points for the other team. This is a high stakes play that requires one key ingredient: COMMITMENT.

The same is true in sales. There are a ton of high profile statistics we can all see: Written sales, delivered business, product mix targets, etc. However, there is a measurement that doesn’t show up in the books that is critical to a salesperson’s success: Commitment.

Commit to Your Success

In sales, commitment cannot be directly measured by delivered dollars. Commitment in sales is seen in the activity that creates success. These actions are not “revenue generating,” but put you in the space to generate revenue.

Number of consecutive days of hitting 100 dials – Commit.

Seasoned sales reps focusing on and completing online trainings – Commit.

Calling customers when promised – Commit.

We all know commitment is a tricky, elusive thing. It doesn’t cost any money. It doesn’t take more time than we have available. It is a no lose situation, yet too often sales professionals – rookies and seasoned pros alike – miss out. Ultimately, commitment and discipline are two sides of the same coin that will help pay your way to sales success!

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