It’s going to be difficult for me to explain how much I really enjoyed Jody Williamson’s book, “The Contrarian Sales Person.” It’s not often that an author can fire on all cylinders and craft a story as satisfying as this one… at the same time explaining how sales people can become better at their craft!

“The Contrarian Salesperson” is a fun, easy to digest, fictional story that presents the Sandler Selling System in an innovative, easy to read package. Through fictional characters we can both recognize and identify with, this book tells the story of a salesman who makes the hero’s journey from being fired for missing quota for far too many quarters to topping the sales leader board. In spite of how trite and implausible that sounds in the real world, this book is a must read (or listen)!

Every excuse that salespeople have ever used to “explain” why they are underperforming is not only listed but debunked. Moreover, not only are these excuses dismissed out of hand, but the author, Jody Williamson, effectively calls BS on them and everyone who uses them. Our protagonist is confronted with his lack of effort, lack of creativity and lack of drive and is given the choice to either change his ways or change employers.

We are introduced to an idiosyncratic sales coach who utilizes the “Contrarian Salesperson’s 8 Rules” to realistically show that change requires more than a quick-fix. This book shows that in order to make real change – using which ever system or process you choose – is a process that will include lots of effort and some failure on the road to success.

It was refreshing to see an accurate portrayal of the real fears, pressures at home and job anxieties that many sales people experience. Just as refreshing was the no-nonsense direction and the challenge to embrace change in order to move beyond ones “comfort zone”.

Many readers will thoroughly enjoy the conversation around climbing Mount Everest. In my opinion this is the very best of what this book has to offer! It is an honest discussion on goals, plateauing and drive. I believe it is impossible to read that chapter and not re-think where you are in your career regardless of your past success!

It is a fast-paced, easy read. The first time I listened to the audiobook, it only took 90 minutes at high speed playback. It is well worth the two-hour listen at normal speed.

Whether you are a “go to the bookstore and grab a copy“ or a “download the e-book and listen right now“ type of person you need to take action and ”The Contrarian Salesperson” today!


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