In this post we’re going to review the book Design To Grow” by David Butler and Linda Tischler. At first glance you may believe this book is about using design to help your market your company with snappy colors, fonts and logos. Upon closer inspection you will find the authors explain the true impact the world of design can have on your company – whether startup or old standard!

Design to Grow

Butler and Tischler explain that design is more than simple artwork. Design encompasses an entire methodology to plan and implement your total business operation. Thinking about how, when and why your customers use your product/service and working your supply, production, and distribution processes to meet those needs is the full definition of design.

Using the the early and recent histories of Coca-Cola and other companies, the authors explore how the use of design, or lack thereof, has impacted the world as we know it!

Two key learnings are the concept of “design for growth” versus “design for agility.” Masterfully using the examples of Lamborghini automobiles and Lego building blocks you will learn how one company is built for expansion and one is built to respond to market changes. The insights from America’s corporate board rooms to roadside merchants in Colombia show that design affects companies of all sizes.

Spending a week with “Design to Grow” and a legal pad will help you see your company and how it is currently designed with fresh eyes. I can only imagine how many companies are struggling to be responsive with systems designed for growth – and vice versa! This book can help you better understand your processes and align them to your current business goals. Worth every dollar… and then some!


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