If you are reading these words, then CONGRATULATIONS! You have done the most powerful thing in your power to move your life closer to your vision of happiness: YOU TOOK ACTION!

Whether you are a seasoned sales professional or you are stepping into the sales waters for the first time, this blog will serve as a daily, weekly, monthly companion to the live or on-line workshop series. The workshop will help you master the basics and provide a solid foundation, the blog will help you fine tune that launch and discover what millions already know: A career in sales is the most rewarding, most challenging profession on the planet!

When you commit to this career you also commit to being compensated for your results… not your time! When you commit to a career in sales you effectively draw a line in the sand and take control. You control your schedule. You control your income. You control your level of engagement… This blog is the natural extension of that engagement.

Which brings me back to congratulating you! By investing in training, coaching and other personal development tools you are taking many of the steps to elevate the highs and minimize and shorten the lows of the sales profession.

In this blog we will do a deep dive on topics as varied as the book review, wine and liquor recommendations, daily motivation, best practices and many other ideas to help the novice become proficient, the competent develop mastery and the experienced accelerate their careers!

Congratulations and welcome to the next and greatest phase of your professional life! Let’s get started!


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