Getting more referrals requires first doing the work to earn them and then asking for them! Join me and Lynn Whitbeck of Petite2Queen as we discuss ways to earn and receive more referrals – starting today!

Lynn Whitbeck is the founder and CEO of Petite2Queen. Building on her 30 year successes and experiences as Vice President of Business Development and COO of direct consumer technology start-ups, Lynn transitioned to executive consulting providing strategic expertise for the development and management of client programs. With this real-world background, Lynn brings marketing, sales, business development, and operations management cross-sector experience to Petite2Queen.

Referrals are highly coveted and a vital way to boost your sales career, but it can be daunting to seek them out. How do you ask for referrals without coming across as desperate? What does it take to earn them from your best clients? Lynn and I have plenty of referral tips to supercharge your sales career, so click the picture below to visit and listen to the latest episode of Practical Wisdoms podcast:

Practical Wisdoms podcast: 7 Surefire Ways To Boost Your Referrrals
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