One of the tried-and-true keys to sales success is to “Under Promise and Over Deliver.” The Palm Restaurant has been doing just that in New York City for nearly 100 years, and last night was no exception!

I used the “excuse” of our anniversary to make reservations for what was billed simply as a “tapas and wine tasting” event. We’ve both eaten at The Palm before. We both attended countless wine pairings at other restaurants in the past. None of these experiences prepared us for the three hour culinary celebration to come!

The evening was magic from beginning to end! It began with the complimentary flutes of champagne and ended with an extended visit by the Executive Chef! General Manager Richard Hammel and his entire Management Team set the new standard for this type of event! Period. Full stop!

The Palm joined forces with Ste. Michelle Wine Estates and seamlessly integrated to present 5 courses of “tapas.” Contrary to the definition, any two of these tapas would be considered a full meal at any other fine dining establishment in New York! Ste. Michelle’s ability to have a varietal to partner with each diverse course was just as impressive!

Palm Restaurant

The evening opened with bold Chorizo & Crab stuffed Blue Point Oysters, paired with an equally assertive 2013 Verdejo! The Alaskan King Crab Salad and the crisp 2012 Albariño won the unscientific “Best In Show” award. This dish is not on The Palm Restaurant’s regular menu, but Chef Mike definitely made the case that this needs be a seasonal special!

I can go on about the fall-off-the-bone Braised Short Ribs. I can gush over the balsamic fig sauce for the Grilled Lamb Chops or the Amaretto Crème Brûlée’s light consistency. The Ste. Michelle 20 Year Brandy deserves its own paragraph, but I need to bring this back to “Sales”.

The service staff was simultaneously attentive, playful, discreet and knowledgeable. I marveled as they made concessions and suggestions, in real time, to accommodate certain preferences and special dietary needs. Their work, as much as the tremendous efforts in the back of the house, is what made this evening extra special. These ladies and gentlemen made it their business to Over Deliver on the promise of a “nice night out!”

This event was an expertly planned, perfectly executed culinary tour de force! The Palm would surely be wise to document this evening and replicate it throughout their 30+ locations. I cannot think of a better tool to both introduce The Palm Restaurant to new audiences and build deeper connections with their existing clientele.

As I said last night, “Bravo!”


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