Lynn Whitbeck of Petite2Queen

Join Elite Sales Institute’s Patrick Carter as he partners with host Lynn Whitbeck on Petite2Queen’s Practical Wisdoms podcast. In each episode in this special series, they will join the East Coast to the West Coast, bringing you great information and insights on core performance power skills.

Reach Your Peak Through PERFORMANCE…

In order to be a sales high performer, you need to reboot your mind to develop power skills and leadership habits. This requires overcoming your complacence, fears, and self-limiting beliefs. It’s an iterative journey, with each step improving your professional development. Identify the areas of opportunity and choose where you will begin.

Listen to the Entire PERFORMANCE Podcast Series:

EPISODE 1 – Problem Solving

Even if you feel that Problem Solving is a weak area for you, you can and will learn it with enough practice. Lynn and Patrick pose the questions you should consider and how to run through different scenarios. Preparing in both ways will make it easier for you to navigate rough terrain. [Click Here to Listen to this Episode]

EPISODE 2 – Engagement

We describe Power Skill #2 – Engagement as being about the relationships we nurture and form, our ongoing interactions, and how we are perceived by others. Patrick and Lynn discuss how they’ve used engagement to help close sales, then dive into how you can learn this performance power skill. [Click Here to Listen to this Episode]

Episode 3 – Resilience

Challenges and failure are going to be a part of our daily existence, and Power Skill #3 – Resilience is an essential tool to survive! Lynn and Patrick share their advice on how to develop your resilience, and offer exercises you can practice as you hone the skill. [Click Here to Listen to this Episode]

*Bonus Episode – The COVID Update

In the wake of Shelter In Place orders, business closings, unprecedented unemployment rates because of a global pandemic, RESILIENCE is needed more than ever! Lynn and Patrick jump back on the mics to frame the challenge and discuss how to apply this Power Skill! [Click Here to Listen to this Episode]

EPISODE 4 – Flexibility

Flexibility is being able to step outside of your comfort zone. It’s everything from trying a new food to finding common ground with a loved one, opening career opportunities to expanding the horizons along your career journey. Patrick and Lynn share examples of times they used flexibility in their sales and career success. [Click Here to Listen to this Episode]

*Bonus Episode – Genuine Respect through Flexibility

In these tense times, respecting others and truly listening to their experiences and perspectives is crucial. Flexibility helps you understand others and embrace differences. It will help us through the stresses of the Coronavirus pandemic, and it will helps us through the ongoing protests in support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement and ending police brutality.[Click Here to Listen to this Episode]

EPISODE 5 – Originality

Nothing increases sales success more than being remembered… and often, to be remembered means to stand out from the rest. This is where originality comes in.  It helps you think critically and look at concepts with a fresh perspective. Patrick and Lynn explain how thinking differently can give you unparalleled ideas and methods for communication and give you a leg up on competition. [Click Here to Listen to this Episode]

EPISODE 6 – Resourceful

Being resourceful – leveraging a little creativity and out-of-the-box thinking – can make or break your career trajectory. This performance skill will translate into both leadership opportunities and an acceleration of your career. Resourcefulness a vital skill that can take you out of your comfort zone and into unprecedented paths forward. [Click Here to Listen to this Episode]

EPISODE 7 – Magnate

Think of being a magnate as being leaderly or influential. Taking charge and offering guidance are excellent ways to stand out and help others. Lynn and Patrick share examples of how this translates into sales success and has helped them in their careers. They then talk about how you can develop this power skill, where do you start in learning it and what exercises can you practice to get better? [Click Here to Listen to this Episode]

EPISODE 8 – Agility

Being agile can be a huge benefit in your life and career. It means being able to respond to situations swiftly and make decisions even when there’s no time to lose. Patrick and Lynn share examples of how being agile has helped them in their careers. When time is of the essence, agility can be the tipping point between closing the sale and missing out on it. [Click Here to Listen to this Episode]

EPISODE 9 – Negotiation

Most of us have heard that negotiation is a vital sales and business skill to develop. It’s a key to closing challenging sales, locking down hard-earned raises and earning promotions. Patrick and Lynn share examples of how negotiating has led to their own career success and closing sales. It’s no exaggeration that negotiation is KEY to getting clients to a “yes”! [Click Here to Listen to this Episode]

EPISODE 10 – Collaboration

Many job descriptions will list “collaboration” as a requirement, but this isn’t just empty rhetoric to fill in job roles. Collaboration truly is vital to your success because is all about relationships. Patrick and Lynn share their own examples illustrating how collaboration (or a lack thereof) has helped or hindered their own sales careers. [Click Here to Listen to this Episode]

EPISODE 11 – Exchange Information

Beyond feeling good about helping team mates and business associates, Exchanging Information will make you more prepared to address potential issues, better represent your product or service, and communicate with your clients and colleagues. You’ll be poised to help others, in turn leading to your own career’s upward trajectory. [Click Here to Listen to this Episode]

*SERIES RECAP – Unlock the PERFORMANCE Selling Skills for 2021

Throughout 2020, Lynn Whitbeck and Patrick Carter shared their 11 Power Skills – outlined in the acronym of PERFORMANCE – readying you to see sales growth in 2021. Find out how they all tie together in this final installment of the series… But moreover, discover how you can leverage these insights into a successful new year. [Click Here to Listen to this Episode]