When was the last time you received service that was so amazing you were prepared to give a referral on the spot?

For me it was last month at a great little tapas restaurant outside of Boston. My wife and I had one of those uber-professional waiters who don’t carry pen or paper. His command of the wine list, cocktail menu and the ingredients of the dozens of menu items was truly impressive!


He exuded that command through a calm, relaxed demeanor. He seemed to anticipate our needs. Based on his information and confidence we ordered a tapas we probably would never have tried on our own. Did I mention the diners at the next table also ordered drinks and tapas based on his recommendations?

Here is a question: Do you inspire those same feeling in your clients?

Your feelings aside, the measurable answer to this difficult question is in the number of referrals you received last quarter. If you have had at least 1 referral per month, I will submit you are good at what you do, but you may not be consistent. If you feel you deserve more referrals, make sure you are asking for them.

On the other hand, if you cannot recall getting ANY referrals, let’s examine some reasons. Think about my waiter and how you can give your clients your version of that level of service. Do an honest rating of your product knowledge, experience, demeanor and delivery. Top marks on each of these general categories are requisites for those elusive referrals

Thinks about the last time YOU gave a referral… Work to raise your performance to meet your own standard of referral excellence!


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