How can we answer this question? Is it your years of experience? Can it be your extensive training? What about the synergies between your sales and R&D departments? Could we talk about the strength of the logistics and implementation teams?

Did you figure out the answer to the question? The answer is “The Question!” The greatest, most powerful tool any Sales Professional can wield is, without a doubt, the question. 

Obviously, questions have the power to get both actionable and background information. That’s the easiest way to use questions, moving you through the Opening and Qualifying phases of the classic selling cycle. 

But, is that the question’s only power, simple interrogation? When wielded with skill and finesse a question can:


Counter a “driver” or “amiable” personality type client (With respect to the original meeting agenda, which is your most pressing challenge: Training or Opposition? )

Fine tune presentations in the moment (Who in the production department could benefit from faster turn times?)

Introduce new information into the conversation (Are you aware this is an American made unit, with three day implementation capabilities?)

Lead the client toward a particular conclusion (Based on your need for support, which of these two mattresses feels better to your back? )

Float trial (Fair enough? ) and cumulative closes (Can we set delivery for Wednesday? )

Create casual and/or emergency shift in the topic of conversion (Before we start worrying about hypotheticals, how quickly can we get a team on site to asses the damages?)

The question is your most powerful sales tool, because it sets up your strengths and pivots away from topics of concern. It has that power because the person asking the questions is controlling the conversation. 

Questions allow you to frame a negotiation. And, when done with skill, the most important questions can get us paid exceptionally well… Don’t you agree?

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