So you’ve been out of the Retail Sales game for 3 months because of COVID-19.

All of your hot leads have gone cold. Customers don’t have the money to purchase your “non-essential” products. You need to fight with the internet for customers. You may even be taking a “pay cut” to come back from unemployment.

I get it: Selling in this Post-COVID world is going to be a bear! As one of my early sales managers told me: “There’s a reason why we pay you so much… Retail sales is not for everyone!”

Put Me In Coach

Because you answered the phone and said you are ready to get back in the game, you are already on the path to bounce back…

The key to recovery is your winning mindset! You were done sitting on the sidelines. You wanted to be in the game. People like us don’t play to lose – We Play To Win!

Weight training in women’s athletics is the result of a seismic shift.

Now that you are in the game, the first thing you need to do is acknowledge the selling world has shifted seismically. Ask yourself the hard question: What will I do differently?

Think big picture: What are realistic new and stretch goals? How will I reach these goals? Am I going to be accountable for doing the things that will make me successful?

COVID Is Not Your Friend

Since you’ve acknowledged the world has changed, your next step is to stop wasting energy complaining. Use that energy showing your gratitude for making it the other side. Control your positive attitude and control the energy you send out to you prospects, clients, co-workers and especially your family.

Reach out to the prospects that went cold. Assure them that you are available to help them navigate “these unprecedented times”. Send your clients thank-you cards. Explain how much you appreciate their past and ongoing business. Not only is this high-level prospecting, you are reinforcing two key behaviors: redefining wins and differentiating yourself from the competition.

Get to Work


Recovering in this Post-COVID world depends on controlling your attitude and actions.

There is a mile long list of the things you can’t do, but we’re not wasting that energy! We’re focusing on the things we CAN do. In this Post-Covid world you can:

  • Let prospects know you are ready when they are.
  • Add Social Selling to your tool box.
  • Update your product and industry knowledge base.
  • Call your old customers and cold leads.
  • Explore the sales techniques, technologies and skills you felt you didn’t need in the past.

Let me share a thought that came across my LinkedIn timeline: “You can’t conduct a Pre-COVID business model in Post-COVID times.”


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