The 4th Quarter – October through December – represents the most critical time in the selling year. B2B Sales Professionals are navigating the minefield of available budget dollars and the vacation schedules of key decision makers. Retail sales need the stamina to run the Columbus Day/ Black Friday/After Christmas Sale promotion gauntlet! On the other side is the opportunity to make and break through sales quotas and projections.

While it is true the 4th Quarter will make or break the year for many reps, those Sales Professionals who will succeed in the fourth quarter are the ones who accept and own the Q4 Realities: Time, Discipline and Motivation


You have 60 days to do 90 days worth of work.

We all know that the last week of December is a throwaway week for business. For that matter the week leading up to Christmas is a throwaway week. If your plan is for December to play out like June, you are sorely mistaken.

Prepare your 4th Quarter effort to have all of your business booked and scheduled by November 30th. This strategy allow you to use the month of December to close “stray” business and begin prospecting for 2019!


The discipline that was missing in the first 3 quarters needs to be present now.

4th Quarter

Regardless of the length of your sales cycle, the 4th Quarter is the time to focus on your sales funnel and selling process (including asking for referrals). Do all the follow-ups you didn’t do. Call all the contacts you didn’t reach out to. Advance or eliminate all the sales that have stagnated in your funnel.

Too many of us equate being busy with being productive. As Coach John Wooden said, “Never mistake activity for achievement.” This was him chastising his better players for “going through the motions.” This is the quarter to amp up your productivity and do the things that will advance and close the sales.


Success is rooted in your motivating “WHY”.

Contrary to popular belief, money is not a great motivator! It definitely motivates, but when we find out WHY we want money you found the REAL motivator.

The true motivation many times is what the money affords: Tuition, a bigger home, status car, engagement ring, corner office, a baby on the way… Once you find your WHY, the weekly sales kickoff meetings are no longer needed! When you own the reason WHY you are selling, motivation will be waiting when you wake up!

The 4th Quarter is the ultimate game changer! For many sales reps it will be the last quarter, topping off a great year. Some professionals will use it to salvage an unremarkable year. There will be some who will use these three months to launch a great 2019. In each case, focusing on Time, Discipline and Motivation will get the most out of the next 90 days!


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