If you are a sales person and you see me walk into your store, be aware… I am that “pain-in-the-butt” customer.

I am that customer who has done the research, sought out and even spoken to actual users. To make it more interesting, I may have tried your product or service before I showed up ready to buy. And there is my challenge: When I walk into a showroom as a buyer, I am usually ready to make my purchase.

That’s who I am as a buyer. That cannot be who I am as a seller.


Ultimately, we sell like we buy. If you are a decisive, analytic buyer, chances are great that is how you will sell. If you need to feel right about purchase, chances are great that need will show in your selling. There are four basic personality types each buyer – including you (Click Here to learn more). As a seller you need to be able to connect with all 4 types, not just the people who match your type.

These mis-matches are absolutely not fatal flaws for the sale. They are, however, fundamental drivers you need to be aware of and manage effectively throughout each sale.

Heal Thyself

I have a client who is, by all measures, a “good” sales representative. His metrics area above his company’s minimums to keep his job. Unfortunately his numbers are nowhere near earning the trip to Vegas for the company-wide recognition.

Listening to his customer interactions, he does a solid opening, builds amazing rapport and does solid presentations. However, he gets hung up when dealing with objections and lingers on the close. On a retail sales floor, two challenges appear. First, his amazing rapport forces him to (a) negotiate against his own pocket when handling objections. Second, he doesn’t seem to want to end the engagement – even after the close.

I asked him about the last time he made a major purchase and his expectations when SPENDING money… BINGO! His expectations are that if he is spending his hard earned money, the sale rep better “take care” of him. He explained if he didn’t feel the sales rep “cared” about him, that rep didn’t get the sale.

I spun the table and asked about selling that way – attempting to show how he feels as a buyer is bleeding into his selling. We talked about how he may care too much about every client, and how it is not necessary and what it may cost him.

We discussed how he may be losing sales where the initial engagement is not solid. And we talked about how he is missing opportunities. Specifically, by spending too much time with the customer, he could easily take another “up” and make another sale.

Know Your Customer


Just as your personality is a function of all the events in your life, your selling style is also an outgrowth of who you intrinsically are.

To maximize your selling opportunities and have the opportunity to get to Vegas, you need to both be aware of HOW you sell and be able to change your selling cadence as needed. Remember, it’s about your customer’s buying expectations… not yours.


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