I’ve read many books on even more interesting topics. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by a 2007 imprint with an intriguing title: You, Inc., The Art of Selling Yourself

You, Inc

The writing team of Harry Beckwith and Christine Clifford have created a challenging manual for developing and selling a better you! Their premise is that YOU are your most important product and prior to selling any actual products or services, the client must “buy” you first!

To that end, the authors use personal stories and seemingly basic actions to help the prospect choose you – and your products & services over other salesman. As the reader, you are challenged to complete many activities, each designed to sharpen your message.

These activities force you to look critically at yourself and answer two particularly pointed questions: “What do you do?” and “Why why does it matter?” The hunt for specificity and points of difference can be a punch in the gut to the unprepared. (I highly recommend going through this particular activity!)

The authors explain that over the years thousands of business books have touted and outlined the basic activities of business success: show up on time, write thank you notes, actively listen, respond in a timely manner, etc. These business tools for success are repeated so often because even while we convince ourselves that we maintain these basic standards we rarely, if ever, do.

There is rarely a “perfect time” to read a good book. After all, great information is valuable 365 days each year. However, as many are developing action plans for 2017, there isn’t a better time to evaluate how you, as a sales professional, can offer your clients the best product upgrade available.

This book is a fantastic manual to improve the most valuable product in your most valuable company: You, Inc.!


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